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Click links on left to see "best of" galleries.

"Thumbnails" are better for selecting specific pictures and getting an overview of the gallery.

"Slides" are easier to browse and may be better for cell phones (see "Tips" below).

Old Site: Select a gallery from the old site. Where available, you can use the "Preview" button for a quick look...

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If you can use the "Slides Viewer" described in "Tips", try the Preview button where available. It lets you browse through slides without actually going to the Old Site.

If you want to go to the old gallery, use the NoFrames or Frames buttons (see "Tips"). There may not be links back to this viewer, so consider three options before going to the Old Site...

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Gallery Selection Tips

The "Favorite" links above show sets of sample pictures from the hundreds of pictures in our galleries. There are two picture viewers, both of which use Javascript. (The links will not work and you should see a warning message at the top of the page if Javascript is not available on your browser. In that case you can move to the "Old Site" links on the left and use the "NoFrames" or "Frames" buttons).

Thumbnail Viewer

Sample of how the picture viewer should appear in your browser

When in the viewer, hover the mouse on a thumbnail to see its gallery name.

Click a thumbnail to see the enlargement (All thumbnails on this site are pre-shrunk and are therefore too small for zooming).

Click the "Open" button to see a larger picture in the full window for sending a link to a friend, adding a link to your web site, or downloading for printing or personal use (see FAQs in the menu bar above).

The thumbnail viewer gives a rapid overview of the gallery, but it is not suitable for cell phones whose browsers do not activate our scrolling and selection controls. In that case the Slides Viewer may be easier to use.

Slides Viewer

Sample of how the picture viewer should appear in your browser

This uses a "Next/Previous" slide show. When in the viewer, click on the "First", "Prev", "Next" and "Last" links to browse through the slides sequentially.

The slide viewer is easy to use and works with most browsers and cell phones, but it does not provide information about the pictures while you are browsing.

To identify a picture for linking or downloading, please use the "Open" link, which has the same effect as the "Open" button in the Thumbnail Viewer.

The sequential nature of this viewer makes it harder to access specific pictures quickly, particularly in a large gallery. However, it's ease of use makes it a useful tool for the "Preview" buttons in the Old Site selection list.

Old Site

The list of Old Site galleries provides buttons beside each gallery name. Here is a brief description of "Frames" and "NoFrames".


Sample of the Frames picture viewer

The Old Site used Frames to allow enlargements to appear on the same page as the thumbnails.

For many users this method still provides a speedy thumbnail viewer and does not need Javascript.

However, a few browsers were unable to use frames, and now many cell phones do not use frames either.

A further problem is that the frames viewer does not show the picture's path, making it difficult to download or link to a specific picture. The usage of Frames is now frowned upon as the web page standards are tightened.

So we provided a NoFrames viewer, which is very basic to allow maximum compatibility with browsers.

Sample of the No Frames picture viewer

All the thumbnails for the gallery are presented on one page.

When in a NoFrames viewer, hover the mouse over a thumbnail for information. Click on it to see the picture in a new window, (if your PopUp Blocker prevents this the link may appear to be dead).

To see larger pictures for downloading, look for a reference to "Hi-Res" Enlargements. Also, look in the page text for embedded links to even more pictures.

The NoFrames viewer can cause window clutter if you open a lot of pictures without closing old windows.

End of Gallery Selection tips. See "Help" in the menu bar for more information.

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