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We welcome your comments, but before asking about prints or permission to use our images, please see the answers to Frequently Asked Questions below or click on the "Prints" and "Usage" links.

You can send email to us at one of the following addresses, but please do not send the same message to both addresses - it causes too much confusion and may delay the reply. If you e-mail the wrong gallery, or we think your message is of general interest, we'll forward it for you.

We apologise for no longer providing automatic "mailTo" addresses. This is because that feature was being misused by spammers, who flooded us with junk mail.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download images to print for personal use? Yes
Can I download images to use on my web site?  No
Can my web site link to your site or up to ten individual images? Yes
Is there a fee? No, this is a non-commercial gallery
Can I download images to publish in books, print media or TV?  Yes
What credit should I give? Please credit ""
Do images have model releases or other third party approval? No
Do you provide originals?   No

Are there conditions of use?  Yes, see
conditions of usage.
Do you provide prints or slides? No
Do you have any printing tips? Yes see

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