PRINTING - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide prints or slides? No
Can I download images to print for personal use? Yes
Will you provide originals? No - the web site images are all we provide.
Can I print posters? A 10" x 8" enlargement might work, but test a sample first.
Are there usage conditions? Yes (click on "Usage" below)

We encourage you to make prints for personal use, but we do not have the facilities to provide prints or slides for you. However, many photographs have a "Hi-Res" version - a larger, higher quality 72 dpi file - suitable for downloading and conversion to higher resolutions for printing a decent postcard-sized print at your local digital photo finishing shop.

Use your browser's "Save Picture As..." feature to save images to your data storage device. In Microsoft's Internet Explorer this feature may be found by right-clicking the picture.

Media professionals who are considering the photographs for printing should note that the images may not be suitable for some print applications. The original camera images are already compressed at a 4:1 ratio in a JPEG format, and after re-sizing and editing are converted to sRGB colors and further optimized for the Internet. Also note that some images are taken at ISO 1600, and printing may accentuate the grain.

Printing may require changes to the resolution.  Our images are saved at 72 dpi for screen viewing, but a higher dpi may be preferred for printing. A standard "Hi-Res" image would yield a 5" x 3" postcard at just over 200 dpi. Your printer may have software and facilities that will allow greater enlargements, but quality can fall sharply as the size increases.

There are features in programs such as Adobe Photoshop for increasing the image file by extrapolation. Essentially you keep enlarging the image size or resolution by ten percent increments, which allows the extrapolation logic to fill in the missing pixels more efficiently. The results vary but sometimes it is possible to create surprisingly large posters by this method. The technique requires lots of computer memory and a very fast processor.

It may also be necessary to convert the color scheme to match your printing equipment, otherwise the print may have poor color quality. If in doubt, try just one print and check that the colors and contrast are satisfactory.

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