Accessing our Photograph Library - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download images to print for personal use? Yes
Can I download images to use on my web site?  No
Can my web site link to your site or up to ten individual images? Yes
Is there a fee? No, this is a non-commercial gallery
Can I download images to publish in books, print media or TV?  Yes
What credit should I give? Please credit ""
Do images have model releases or other third party approval? No
Do you provide originals?  No

Are there conditions of use?  Yes, see below.

Conditions of Usage

Our purpose at is to showcase Calgary in a positive manner for family entertainment by means of photographs of various aspects of the city and surrounding areas. We also encourage the use of our images by third parties to promote the economic and social well-being of Canadians in general.

Permitted Uses

  • Internet sites may link to photographs taken by Barry Jennings and Peter Reath on
  • Image files may be copied for reproduction in books, print media or television programs
  • Image files may be copied for reproduction in printed advertising and promotional material
  • Image files may be copied for personal use (e.g. printing for non-commercial use)
  • Photographs should be credited to ""


  • Any one internet site may not link to more than 10 (ten) photographs at a time
  • Photographs or renderings may not be offered for sale or other consideration
  • Internet sites may not copy image files from for web publication
  • This offer applies only to the images taken by photographers, and specifically excludes pictures in the "Visitor's Gallery" and those identified as having been photographed by third parties
  • If the photographs are altered in any manner, the standard of quality and the intent of the original photograph must be maintained
  • Please note that WE DO NOT PROVIDE ORIGINALS. The images on the web site are all we provide.
  • The photographs must not be used in any manner that causes offence or damage to persons or organizations depicted in the photographs, third parties or to and its contributors
  • The photographs must not be used in any manner that is unlawful


  • Persons and organizations represented in the photographs may not have provided model releases or other forms of permission
  • Photographs are meant for entertainment purposes only and are available "as is" without any warranty as to their fitness for any purpose
  • You use the images at your own risk and, its owners and its contributing photographers will not provide indemnity or be responsible for any damages that may result from any use of the photographs
  • Permission to use photographs shall be considered withdrawn if the conditions of usage are not met
  • Photographs may be withdrawn from without notice, in which case permission for usage by third parties shall be deemed to be withdrawn
  • Media professionals who are considering the photographs for printing should note that the images may not be suitable for some print applications. The original camera images are already compressed at a 4:1 ratio in a JPEG format and after editing are converted to sRGB colors and further optimized for the Internet.

Notice of Use

  • You may begin using the photographs immediately and without notice if you agree to the conditions.
  • If your intended usage is outside these terms and conditions, you must have prior agreement from in the form of an e-mail or a letter specifically approving the exceptions to the terms and conditions. In any case, we would appreciate it if you sent an e-mail to us briefly outlining the intended use and the web address or name of the publication where the photographs will be used.

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