Photos by Lena Arkell
Calgary, Alberta
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BankersTowersApr00 CanmoreRainbow CardstonTrolley CelleGroup1 CemetaryHill1Apr00 CgySaddledomeMar00
CgySkylineSdomeSep00_2 FallPond2 IceIndianAngelLL KananaskisRampart KanLakeStormClouds LakeLouise01
NA00Scout NADynastyFoal2 Nat99IanFollyFlowers Nat99SCBethAltair PrinIs_Park2_Apr00 PrinIs_Walkway_Apr00
SMBabies99 SMSunrise SOTGroup SOTPalomino3 SpringPond1 SpringPond2
Stamp99Bigwheel Stamp99Mustangfoal Stamp99Statue1 Stamp99Tower TxLonghornStamp99  

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